Monday, December 22, 2008

One Early Christmas Present!

So my two brother in laws Ben and Nate, went in together to get me BROWNS tickets for Christmas! Its great to get early Christmas presents! It was really, really cold but the seats couldn't have been better unless they got me on the actual field. We sat in the Dog Pound where there was a lot of drinkin and yelling! Ha! They said the temp was at 9 degrees without the wind chill, and let me tell you that wind was strong, so it had to be in the negatives out there. You can see in the photos it was too cold for a lot of fans towards the end of the game, but we made it till the end. I had Kate all dressed up in my hunting gear, and I was wearing my snowboarding gear to stay warm. I took some photos with my phone so they aren't the best of quality but you can see how close we were. Thanks for the tickets guys! It was a BLAST!!!
Bundled up and ready to go Hunting, wait! I mean to the Browns game.

One jump away from playing Quarterback myself!It's cold baby!