Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm back!!

Sorry to all of you checking this blog and not getting any updates! I have really fallen behind on this site, and am now dedicating myself to getting back on track! We have had so much going on the past few months, I don't even know where to start. Katie got a new job, I was in Atlanta and St. Louis, I had a awesome birthday, our friends have had a baby, our other friends are about to have a baby, we've been to a bunch of kids birthday parties, Braily was sick, I was sick, Braily goes on the potty, my brother and sister in law in Atlanta are preggo, Katie looks delicious, we did our taxes, you get the idea! So I'm starting with a few pictures of the girls, so you can see how much they have changed since the last time you saw them. Jayla is just about 5 months now, which puts Braily at 19 months, crazy how these girls are so close in age and look nothing like one another.
I'll be back!

For some reason this looks like a mug shot! Look at all those freaking ponytails!


audrey habeck said...

oh my gosh!!!! i can't believe how big they are!!! especially jayla. i didn't even realize that was her at first. that makes me extremely sad! we miss so much of their lives. :( and braily is no longer a little baby. wow! time flies when you live far away!!

Debbie said...

The girls are both adorable! Keep posting the pics so those of us in the far off state of SC can keep up!