Thursday, July 24, 2008

First Meal? What should it be? Hmmmmm

Ditch that baby food that smells (and tastes) like crap, believe me I know I've tried it. (Although the fruit is surprisingly good.) It's time for Braily to eat a real meal. In her little pink bowl we have some corn, mash potatoes, and ground venison. Mmmm. she loved every bit of it too. Maybe we can turn her into a little hunter so she can go with her dad and grandpa during deer season.


A picture can say a thousand words, tell me what comes to your mind when you see some of these expression shots?

My Favorite!

Great table manners huh?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Braily's First Steps

She did it!!! Thats right Miss Braily is walking at 11months old! I have a little video clip of her first step. I was with her in the kitchen a few nights back when i took this video. It wasn't much to brag about, but its the beginning of this little munchkins' new way of transportation. Her walking skills are improving everyday and we are tempting her with treats to get her to walk to us. Sorry about the belly shirt I was to busy to pull it down for her. Enjoy

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tres Amigas

How cute are these three girls! I can't wait to watch these cousins grow up, they will be quite a crew. This is one of the many shots Audrey took when we were all visiting in Chicago. She always takes time when we are visiting to shoot our kids, in cute situations. Thank you Aud, we are so lucky to have such a talented sister/aunt that is so giving of her time and efforts. She is an awesome photographer with great ideas, here is a link to her website go and check her out.

Friday, July 11, 2008

My First MOHAWK!

I always wanted a little ROCK STAR!!

Ohhh I got a little attitude. Watch out!

I was partying like a rock star now I gotta hit the crib. I'm sleepin in tomorrow.

See ya...

Monday, July 7, 2008

Lets hit the pool!

Last Saturday afternoon we had a little pool party for the kids with our friends Zully, Michael and their little boy Hayden. They are so close in age that Katie and Zully were almost in the same room at the hospital when they delivered. These two loved to splash and crawl around in the pool. Those kids looked like they were having so much fun it was hilarious to watch. Here is a little video we shot of Braily with our camera, its a little shaky but bare with me i'm new to this dad video taping thing. I also put some pictures of her and Hayden. ENJOY!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 4th!

What a great day we had for the 4th of July. We all got to sleep in a little then headed to our friends Jason and Jacinda's house for an all day cookout. We got to catch up with friends, play some cornhole, smoke some cigars, and eat a pile of delicious food.

Funny how just a few years ago this would of been a totally different looking party with these same friends. Everyone is married...all the girls have gotten bigger! haha opps! I mean pregnant of course. There are little ones running around reeking havoc. It's great that we still have these friends! Some of them I have grownup with since I was just out of diapers, and now our little ones are growing up together.

After the party Braily took a 3hr nap and me and the Mrs. also took a "nap". We then headed downtown to see the fireworks. This would be Braily's first time seeing and hearing a crazy fireworks display, way past her bed time. At first she was jumping between Kate and me as if someone needed to save her from the war of light flashing everywhere. Then in a minute she warmed up to them and couldn't take her eyes away. All in all it was a great first family 4th of July, next year should be interesting with two of them...
Here is a picture of her clinging on to Kate, as the fireworks begin.

Watching fireworks with Dad

First Family 4th of July!

100% GIRL

That's right, Kate and I went to the doctors' last Monday and it's confirmed, IT'S A GIRL!

Everything looks good and she is a healthy little grapefruit right now, a whopping 19oz. Here is a picture of the ultrasound I took with the camera. It didn't come out very good but you can see her profile and her little hand abover her. I think she was waving at us! Also, here is a picture of Kate's bump with a new haircut, what a hotttie!
We have a lot to catch up on so stay tuned....