Friday, November 21, 2008


Holy $#&@ !
This is not a photoshopped picture! I repeat this is not a photoshopped picture!
That is a real hamburger, and a real person (Ben), and he is sitting in a real restaurant that serves these dinosaurs size burgers. The place is called Denny's Beer Barrel Pub and its in PA. Take a visit to the site to see some winners.

Below are the rules for each burger challenge.

Yes you are reading the actual rules on how to have a heart attack! Did that just say 15lbs of beef in 3 hrs! I mean that's like eating 2 giant meat loafs plus bread,cheese,pickles,onions,lettuce,tomato.
Is this insane or what? I mean anyone who even thinks they could possibly do this needs help! Sorry Ben, thanks for the photo, and sorry about your luck. Better hit the kitchen for more training!

P.S. Who's comming with me? Ha!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So both Kate and I agreed a few weeks after we had Jayla we would both go on diets. Why you ask, well let me tell you. Poor Kate has been prego for about 2years straight non stop "lets give her an applause for that accomplishment". I have been eating bad for those two years also, but man was that some good eatin we did. Ha! Our last non healthy meal was dinner at P.F. Changs last week.
Now we gotta kick it into high gear MAN! and that means no more fast food, junk food, pop, and more of that thing called exercise. Blood, Sweat, and Tears baby! (well I'm not so sure about the blood). My dad had a great diet a few years back and it really seemed to work for him. I called it The Salad and Pretzel Diet. Why? Because that's all he ate for a few months! Not sure if that's up my alley or not.
Anyways just want to vent a little to anyone else feeling my hunger pains rumbling. If you have any tips forward them on to us.
Run, Eat, Sleep, Repeat!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Down Below

Wow we have been crazy busy here at the house, sorry I haven't posted in a while. I'm really starting to feel out numbered here with 3 Girls in the house.

So to give you some MANLY news, we gutted 1/2 are basement to turn it into a MAN CAVE! Ha! Kind of, more like a man cave/workout room/playroom for the girls. We ripped down walls took out the ceiling put up new drywall, paint, trim and soon to come carpet.

Like we don't have enough going on right now huh! Here is a picture of the old basement and what it looked like. Notice the 500lbs piano that is sitting down there, it was from the 1940's and I called a few places to see what it was worth? Take a guess? NOTHING! So I decided to take the old trusty sledge hammer and demolish that baby until I could DRAG it out in pieces (Man was that fun!). Anytime you get the chance to swing a big old hammer around and smash stuff up call me, I've got spare time. Actually I don't but I will make some. I did have to have my boy Mike come over and help me drag out the last and final piece which still weighed about 300lbs.
I'll post some more work in progress shots in a few days.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Who's Sick?

It's going around people so beware and wash your hands. I think Braily and I got it the worst so far, Kate and Jayla have been feeling pretty well. It just seems to be a 24hr thing but we had fun watching TV and being lazy all day while Mom took care of us! Here are a few shots of the two of us sicklys cuddling on the couch together. Have any of you been sick yet?

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gymboree is a CULT

So, I'm not so sure about this place Gymboree. When you walk in to it having never been there before, it kinda seems like a baby cult. Everyone sits in circles, sings songs, beats on drums, and blow bubbles around at each other. Everything is padded for safety and you have to take your shoes off before entering. SCARY!
Anyways we went with Mike and Kristen who brought their little Ava and we had both Braily and Jayla even thought Jayla just slept the whole time. Both girls seemed to have a lot of fun meeting new friends and playing on everything. After class we went next door for a little grub then Kristen had to go to the hospital! Not because of the food but she cut her finger earlier in the day.
Next up, I heard the girls wanting to take the kids to Little Gym. So I'm sure I'll post some pictures of that when we go. Here are some photos I took and a little video of Braily on the slide.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Morning Poop

Today was the day!! Braily went Poop in the potty! Don't worry I know some of you (Ben) wanted to see the poop, but I didn't post it. Ha!
Congrats Braily for a job well done!

Check out that morning hair style!

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Monday, November 3, 2008

Go Vote!

Hey man go Vote and go get a free cup of Joe on ME!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat

Candy Rulz! Braily got to collect all the candy while we ate it! " Do as I say not as I do"
Here are some shots from Halloween night. Braily was a princess and Jayla was the old Hotdog! Ha! I really do love that costume. Also Mike and Kristin brought their little Ava over dressed as a ladybug. The two girls played with the candy and helped do the dishes after we ate. Kristin made some "good ol boy" lasagna and brownies that hit the spot!
Do you think she is excited?

Sister LOVE!

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