Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dan and Nicole Cook's Wedding

These two have been our friends since Kate and I met during college while servers at Outback Steakhouse (9 years ago), and have been great friends ever since. If you don't know Dan there is probably just one word to describe him "CRAZY". This guy dance at the end of our wedding reception, to a beer bottle singing to a Justin Timberlake song and i have the video to prove it. Dan has been a great friend of mine and would drop anything to help me if i needed him. He has made me laugh for 9 years straight, and have had many great times together.
Nicole is such a sweetie and one of the nicest girl you would ever meet. Kate had a little plan to hook these two up together years ago when we went out on a double date and they have been together ever since. Good job Kate!
Kate was a bridesmaid to Nicole and so so happy to be there, even thought she had to walk around in high heels while being 8 months prego. She pulled it off and looked really beautiful the whole night. Congrats again to Dan and Nicole and we know you two will have a wonderfull life together. We love you guys!
Here are some shots of the night and a movie of Dan doing his thing!


audrey habeck said...

awwww....kate you look soooo cute in your bridesmaids dress. you really are so pretty! man...i'm behind on all of you guys' posts. sorry!