Sunday, October 12, 2008

Inducing Monday the 13th

That's right, Kate went to the Doc on Friday and they said they would induce her labor Monday morning at 5 AM. Wow that is an early wake up call. That will mean that her and Braily will be exactly 14 months apart, and both have the 13th as their birthday. Easy for a Dad to remember! So that is where we will be on Monday and hopefully have a quick and safe labor. The Browns play Monday night so I told Katie to wrap it up before then so we can watch. Ha ha. Please pray that Katie and the new one have a safe and easy labor and that everything goes just as planned. I will keep you all posted of our new little girl as soon as she arrives.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Derek--you got just what wanted--the Browns won!

JUST KIDDING!!!!!! Congrats to you and Katie on new baby Jayla! I can't wait for you to post pictures of her. I'm so glad the delivery went well and mom and baby are doing great. I love you guys and miss you!