Saturday, November 15, 2008

Down Below

Wow we have been crazy busy here at the house, sorry I haven't posted in a while. I'm really starting to feel out numbered here with 3 Girls in the house.

So to give you some MANLY news, we gutted 1/2 are basement to turn it into a MAN CAVE! Ha! Kind of, more like a man cave/workout room/playroom for the girls. We ripped down walls took out the ceiling put up new drywall, paint, trim and soon to come carpet.

Like we don't have enough going on right now huh! Here is a picture of the old basement and what it looked like. Notice the 500lbs piano that is sitting down there, it was from the 1940's and I called a few places to see what it was worth? Take a guess? NOTHING! So I decided to take the old trusty sledge hammer and demolish that baby until I could DRAG it out in pieces (Man was that fun!). Anytime you get the chance to swing a big old hammer around and smash stuff up call me, I've got spare time. Actually I don't but I will make some. I did have to have my boy Mike come over and help me drag out the last and final piece which still weighed about 300lbs.
I'll post some more work in progress shots in a few days.


audrey habeck said...

i can't believe you tore up that piano!!!! that's sad!!! we woulda taken it. how to get it to the atl? i don't know but we woulda figured it out!