Wednesday, December 10, 2008


So my sister in law Audrey tagged us to share 7 random things about ourselves, since I have been doing all the post so far on our blog, what a perfect opportunity to have Kate write a little something on here. Besides it gets me out of spilling my guts for all you snoops (Ashley). HA!
So, for the very 1st time introducing the love of my life, the beautiful, the stunning, the you know she's got it goin' on, KATIE!
OK, so I'm not real great at the whole computer thing! i can pretty much check my email and turn the computer on and off (most of the time:-) ) 7 random things about me...
1. i have a slight form of OCD! like, i might put the girls' diapers on 3 times to make sure it is perfectly lined up with Elmo! BUT, my underwear and sock drawer is totally a disaster!! i mean, i don't even know if any of the socks match!
2. i have a look-a-like that lives in Nashville! (she's more of a look-a-like from when i was skinny in college!)
3. my Starbucks order is a grande vanilla latte, with an extra shot of espresso, 2 of those regular, 1 decaf. 1/2 soy milk, 1/2 non-fat! (sorry to be annoying!)
4. i speak Spanish
5. when i'm alone in the car, or just with the girls who are too young to know the difference, i sing so loud to the music that i get a sore throat...seriously.
6. believe it or not, when i first met Derek (way back my sophmore year of college when we were working at outback) i told all my roommates that i had a crush on this guy i worked with, but i didn't know why because he was so grumpy!!! ha haa!! you would never know it reading this blog...geesh!! (i'm a lucky girl!)
7. i secretly love McDonald's "nugs"!!! (don't tell...i'm currently on starvation diet to lose this baby weight!)


Ashley said...

Hahahaha, I've been catching up on your blog (aka stalking you all day) and I noticed my shout out ;) And for real, that girl looks just like you!! :) Love you guys, I'm going to go back to stalking now!