Monday, December 8, 2008


OK! Thanksgiving was a great weekend, all the family got together and sat around the house all day watching the kids tear up the house! Ha!
Not all of that is true, we did get to do a few other things. We all went for a hike to find and cut down a Christmas tree, we watched some football, oh yeah and we deep fried and ate everything we could get our hands on, no big deal? Yep that's right we deep fried a turkey although its so 2004, it was great fun and it came out perfecto! Here is a list of other things we fried up Pickles,asparagus,snicker bars,Twinkies, & ice cream.
I had a extra long weekend since I took off for deer season to go hunting with my Dad. I got a Doe the first day, but didn't post a picture of her. "Didn't want to freak anyone out" and not sure it would go well with the pictures already posted.
Audrey took some great looking photos of us this weekend that I'll post as soon as shes done editing them.
Out in the woods with Dad looking for a Christmas Tree!

Braily picking out her spot for deer season, I think she might be a little huntress! Can you find her? Oh great, of course you can her mom put a pink hat and gloves on her. Our cover is blown!

Braily and Lexi sitting in their little chairs

Jayla and Ty lounging around the house, man these two are lazy!

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Tori said...

You guys would fit right in down here in the south with all that fried food! haha!