Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More Babies!

Yes, it seems everyone we know has had, or is having a baby. Must be that time in our lives, man that kind of makes me feel old! Well here is a quick story of two brothers I've known since kindergarten! No joke. Ryan and Josh are only a few years apart in age, their Mom used to babysit my brother and I all the time after school. Ryan, Josh and I have been in the same school together all the way into college at Mount Union. We have had some hilarious episodes growing up together " I'll save these for another post". About a little under a year ago, Ryan, Josh and their wives went on a little vacation get away together. As competitive brothers would be, they made a bet on which couple could get pregnant and have a baby first! Ha! Now, I would of loved to have been there when this conversation was going on, I'm sure over a couple of beverages! So they both agreed to start trying after the vacation

The day they get back from vacation Missy and Tara (the lucky ladies) are PREGO!
They both cheated and started early! Ha!

This is a joke right? Nope, and the docs say they are only a few days apart on their due dates. Missy the 12th and Tara the 13th

This is really going to be a close race!

9 months later?

Ryan and Missy had theirs first, a baby girl Natalia
Josh and Tara had a baby boy Gabe

So CONGRATS! to the parents and new babies, all are doing great. What a great story, can't wait until the look on Natalia's and Gabe's face when they tell them how this all went down. Here is a picture of the two below.

Natalia and Gabe


Debbie said...

You're right! This will make a great story to tell the kids later. I think I would wait until after the teen years however...